Fix Pay Case Related Latest News – Check Fix Pay Chukado (Next Date)

Fix Pay Case Related Latest News: Fix Pay Chukado, Gujarat high court judgement on fix pay, fix pay chukado, fix pay news Gandhinagar, Bhavesh Suthar fix pay news, fix pay case imp news, Gujarat high court judgement on fix pay, vidhyasahayak fix pay salary, fix pay case supreme court new date, MaruGujarat high court judgement on fix pay 11 April 2012.

Fix Pay Case News

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Next Date: 16-03-2020 (Computer generated)

Next Date: 02.03.2020 (Computer generated)

28-01-2020 Update

Next Date: 28-01-2020 (Computer-generated)

fix pay news 2019

New Date: 14-01-2020 (Computer-generated)

fix pay next date

New Next Date: 10-12-2019

fix pay case news

fix pay case next date


fix pay case updates

Next Date: 14-11-2019

ST Fix Pagar Vadharo

News Update: 17-09-2019

fix pay update

fix pay news

team fixpay gujarat

fixpay gujarat news

Primary Shikshakoni Nokari Salang Ganashe – Full Details Click here

Fix pagar salang nokri

ST Fix Pagar Karmchariona Vetanma Pan Vadharo Karashe

fix pay vadharo

Fix Regular Seniority Case

Binsarkari Granted School Sahayak Fix Pagar Sudharo Karva Babat Paripatra 19-02-2019: Click Here

fix pagar rally

army fix pay

fix pay case

fix pay policy

27-11-2018 Fix Pay Case Update

fix pay today news

Next Date: 27-11-2018

Court Number: 5

Case Number: 1

Supreme court live display board: Click Here

fix pay news

Update 18-07-2018: Vidhyut Sahayak Salary Increases up to Rs. 14,450/-.

vidyut sahayak pager vadharo

New Date: 27-07-2018

fix pay case gujarat

Next Date: 08-05-2018

fix pay case news

New Date: 20-04-2018

fix pay news

fix pay case next date

fix pay news

Updates 22-03-2018: फिक्स पे केस आज बोर्ड पर आया नहीं. कम्प्यूटर द्वारा न्यू डेट जनरेट हुआ है 20-04-2018. इस तारीख मे बदलाव हो सकते है.

Next Date: 20-04-2018

fix pay case new date

Next Date: 22-03-2018

Court No.: 7

Case Number: 4

Note: सुप्रीम कोर्ट के वकील के साथ हुई टेलीफोनिक बातचीत से जानने को मिला 20-03-2018 को केस लिस्ट नहीं होने वाला. अफवाह से दूर रहे. लेटेस्ट अपडेट्स के लिए इस पेज से जुड़े रहे.

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fix pay chukado

Click here to read full news by ABP Asmita

Next date: 22-03-2018

fix pay next date

fix pay notice pagar

Fix pagarna karmchario nu rajinamu manjur karva babat paprpatra 28-02-2018

fix pagar rajinamu

fix pay rajinamu

Download PDF File

Next Date: 23-03-2018

fix pay case gujarat

New Date: 19-02-2018

Check Fix Pay Status: Click Here

Diary No: 14106

Year: 2012


Case Type: Special Leave Petition (civil)

Case Number: 14124

Year: 2012

fix pay next date

fix pagar seva ganva babat

Updates – Fix Pagar na karmchario ne masik khas bhaththu ane khas bhaththa upar varshik vadharo aapva babat paripatra 18/01/2018

fix pagar khas bhaththu

fix pagar karmchari seniority list paripatra 20-01-2018

Download 20-01-2018 Paripatra PDF (Fix Karmchari Seniority Nakki kari Prasidhdh Karva Babat)

fix pagar bhedbhav

fix vetan hadtal

fix vetan newsvetan vadharo

fix pay update

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dyso fix pay news

New Date: 02-02-2018

Check Fix Pay Status: Click Here

fixvetan news

fix pay case new date

ma vatsalya for fix pagar karmchari

auda fix pagar news

Update 24 Nov 2017

dyso fix pay news

Fix Pay Case Next Date: 12-12-2017

fix pay case next date


As per News Fix Pay Case in SC in Advance List of 21/11/2017

Case Number :- 14124
Court no :- 06
Case Number :-23
Case Type :- SPL Civil
Year :- 2012

Rajasthan Case Number Details
Case Number :- 25565
Court no :- 06
Case Number :-23
Case Type :- SPL Civil

fix pay case update

Date – 14/11/2017

Court No – 7

Case No – 21

More Details Click Here

Live Display Board Click here

Update Fri 10 Nov 2017

fix vetan news

Next Fix Pay Date: 14/11/2017

Next Fix Pay Date


shikshan sahayak fix pagar

fix pagardar

Update 10-10-2017

fix pay case next date

फिक्स पगारमा करेल वधारो राज्य नि अनुदानित खानगी प्राथमिक शालाना फिक्स पगारना विद्यासहायकने लागु पाडवा बाबत परिपत्र 07-10-2017 : Click Here

News on 09-10-2017

New Date 10-10-2017 for Next Hearing

fix pay new date

Update 05-10-2017


News on 04-10-2017

satmu pagar panch news

fix pay news gandhinagarfix pay upvasvidhyasahayak fix pay case news

Update 03rd Oct 2017 – Gujarat information bureau official press note Download Here

Fix Pay News on 02-10-2017

fix pay case news

Primary Teachers Ni Fix Paghar Ni Nokri Badhti, Uchchtar Pagar Dhoran Mate Other Kamrcharioni Jem Ganatarima Leva Babat Gujarat Rajy Prathmik Shikshak Sangh Letter.

Supreme Court Question Government on Fix Pay Case

Case Details

Case No. : SLP(C) No. 014124 – 014125 / 2012  Registered on 27-04-2012

Present/Last Listed On 04-10-2017 [HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE S.A. BOBDE and HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE L. NAGESWARA RAO] [CL.NO. : 32]

Status/Stage: PENDING (Motion Hearing [AFTER NOTICE (FOR ADMISSION) – CIVIL CASES]) List On (Date) (04-10-2017)-Ord dt:19-09-2017

Tentatively case may be listed on (likely to be listed on): 04-10-2017 (Computer generated)

This Case is connected to Special Leave Petition (Civil) 25565 OF 2015

Do Check: Fix Pay Status And Display Board Supreme Court India

Fix Pay chukado 2012


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