IT Mukti Maryada Rs 3 Lakh Thavani Shakyta

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IT Mukti Maryada Rs 3 Lakh Thavani Shakyta :

IT Mukti Maryada Rs 3 Lakh Thavani Shakyta New

Aavakverani Mukti Maryada Halna Rs. 2 Lakh Thi Vadharine Rs. 3 Lakh Karvana Prastavne Finance department Ae Manjuri Aapi Chhe.

Have Direct Tax Code ( DTC) Na Musaddane Manjuri Mate Cabinet Ma Moklavama Aavshe. Ane Te Sansabma Raju Karvama Aavshe.

Finance department Ichhchhe Chhe Ke 5 Dicember Thi Start Thata Sansad Na Winter Satrama Aa Musaddo Raju Karvama Aave.

Finance department Na Ek Adhikarina Janavya Anusar DTC Na Nava Musadda Ma Aavakvera Ni Mukti Maryada Vadharvani Sansdiy Samitini Bhalaman Svikari Levama Aavi Chhe. Samiti Ae Maryada Vadharine Rs. 3 Lakh Karva Suchvyu Hayu. Aa Sathe Rs. 10 Lakh Ni Yearly Aavak Dharavta Loko Pasethi Matra 10% Dare Tax Vasul Karvanu Suchan Karvama Aavyu Chhe.

Hal Na Income Tax Dar:

Hal Rs. 2 thi 5 Lakh Sudhini Aavak Par 10%, Jyare Rs. 5 thi 10 Lakh Sudhini Aavak Par 20% Ane Tethi Vadhu Aavak Par 30% Na Dare Tax Vasul Karvama Aave Chhe.

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