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It’s Merry Christmas 2017! Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Happy Christmas is the festival of Christians but now a day it became very popular and it is celebrated very heartily in all over the world. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. Share the spirit of peace and joy on this occasion of Merry Christmas with your acquaintances and loved ones.


History of Christmas Day 2017:

Christians believes that Jesus is the son of god. The Story about his birth is like this: The Jesus birth story is given in Bible. The gospels say us about the story that many years before Jesus birth. Prophets had told a promise to the Jewish people that God would send them a Massiah or holy teacher. Christians believes that the promised Massiah was Jesus. His mother was a young woman called Mary, who was engaged, but not yet married. She was engaged with a boy whose name was Joseph and who was carpenter.

After some days Joseph found that Marry was pregnant and was upset. So Joseph was wondering and thinking that what he had to do. After that one night an angle came from God to tell him that the baby was holy one. The angle said that he must name the baby. This was a sign that he would take care of it like his own child. Joseph accepted the baby and named Jesus as he promised the angle. All the parts of the Merry Christmas story are remembered and celebrated in different ways on that day like: in picture, songs, plays, stories and in modes that are called ‘cribs’, ‘crèches’ or ‘presage’.

Preparation of Christmas Day 2017:

The season of Christmas begins on Sunday about four weeks before Christmas Day. It is the time for people to prepare themselves for two different things for the coming of the baby Jesus and for the second coming Jesus, when he should come and rule over all the earth in peace.

Old age people or holy people celebrate Christmas with remembering Jesus and waiting for news Jesus. New Jesus will come and spread peace. People use it as a time of fasting. They also study religious book. Do meditation and lots of peace prayer.

There is a special celebration for the children. Special advent calendars are made for children with picture and cartoons. People bring special gift for their children and they hidden the gift in red socks. In Christmas morning children saw their gift and became a very happy.

Party is the special word of the celebration for the young age. They do lots of party on Christmas day in clubs, farm house and hotels. Dance is special thing of enjoyment. White wine and beer are attraction of younger age people.

Non-Christian Celebration:
It is a festival of Christian, but the people who are not Christian also celebrate Christmas. The tradition is different from country to country and people to people but they all wishes Christmas. People wish Merry Christmas with giving gifts and cards. People also send their wishes by Mobile and e-mails.

Attraction of Merry Christmas 2017

1. Christmas tree is special code of Christmas festival. People set up a Christmas tree in their house. This tree may be original or artificial. After set up they also decorate Christmas tree with lighting, flowers, shiny coloured balls, sparkly tinsel and other ornaments. Christian people believe that Christmas tree is holly tree. Many large cities put a huge Christmas tree in a public place.

2. Santa Claus is also a special attraction for the Christmas day. He comes in red clothes and funny faces. He brings lots of sweets and happiness with him. Children very happy on seeing Santa Claus. He also gives good wishes for all.

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Merry Christmas wishes 2017 SMS/ Messages:

  1. A lovely thing about Christmas
    Is that it’s compulsory,
    Like a thunderstorm,
    And we all go through it together.
  2. Christmas is not only about buying new clothes and preparing sweets,
    Christmas is about spreading the love of Jesus Christ to whomever you meet,
    May you have a blessed Christmas?
  3. From home to home and heart to heart,
    From one place to another,
    The warmth and joy of Christmas,
    Brings us closer to each others.
    ‘Merry X-Mas’

Merry Christmas wishes images 2017

Christmas wishes


merry christmas greetings

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas 2017

The Christmas season ends on January 6 or the Twelfth Day of Christmas, in which Epiphany is remembered. All of day people celebrate Christmas with lots of fun and joy. People celebrate Christmas Day and New Year with formal parties, family-oriented activities, and other large public events. People also scour for innovative and lovely Merry Christmas and Happy New Year gifts and cards to send to their family members and friends. In this Christmas I wish that god give you all the happiness, prosperity and wealth. I wish Jesus bring peace for all over world.

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