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Holi is a Festival of Colors. It is Celebrated all Over India Every Year. Holi is celebrated on Full Moon Night of Gujarati Falgun Month. Holi is a Religious Festival. This year we will be celebrating Happy Holi 2014 in India. There is a Many Legend about Holi Like Holika & Prahlad, Kaamadeva, Dhundhi, Radha-Krishna and Pootana. The Legend Is as under.

Happy Holi Legend:

There was a King Named Hiranyakashyap. He was very Cruel King. He had a Son Named Prahlad. He was a small boy but he liked the God Very Much. He Worship the God and Pray every time. Hiranyakashyap told his Public that nobody had Worship the God but they had Worship him. Hiranyakashayap Made Compulsory his Worship but his son Prahlad opposed it and said that the Lord Lives in Heaven no one Living Person can became a Lord. So his Father became angry and decided to kill him. For that he tried his Best but he couldn’t kill. Every Time God saves Prahlad. At Last He decided to do his best. He called his Sister Holika who had a bon that fire can’t Burn her. Hiranyakashyap told Holika to sit on Holi with Prahlad on his lap. Holika wear her Magic Chundadi and sat on Holi with Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap Fire Holi but Suddenly the Wind Bule and the Magic Chundadi go away and Holika burn and Prahlad saved. To celebrate this Happiness of Prahlad’s Life.

How To Celebrate Happy Holi 2014 ?:

On day People take fast full day. On night Worship the fire with Flowers and Coconuts. They also use Popcorn and Chana. People make and eat Sweets on that day. People moving around the circle of Holi. On the day of Holi, people exchange gifts with each other. The Next day of the Holi is known as Dhuleti. People Celebrate Dhuleti with Colors. People Spray Color on Each Other. In villages some People also use mud. Some people also use the Flowers of Kesudo.

Holi is the Special Festival of Rajasthan. There is a special celebration on Holi in Rajasthan. They play Holi with Gulal. They enjoyed folk Holi Songs full Day.

On this festival people send Holi wishes to each other. They send Holi wishes to their Friends, Relatives and Family Members. For that they use Happy Holi SMS 2014, Happy Holi Wallpapers 2014, Whatsapp Messages, Emails, Facebook, Greeting card, Holi Songs and Video. I have some Happy Holi SMS and Wallpaper Collection witch help you.

Happy Holi SMS 2014:

Holi SMS in English:


Sending Your Way,
a warm wishes especially on Holi, to add Color of joy to Your Life, to Make Happy and worth while…Happy Holi.


May God Gift You all the
colors of Life,
Colors of Love,
Colors of Joy,
Colors of Happiness,
Colors of Friendship
and all other Colors You want to Paint in Your Life.
Happy Holi 2014


Blue is Song
Yellow is Music
Green is Dance
Red is Love
Orange is Joy
Pink is for Beauty
I Wish all These Colors May Fall on You and Your Family.


Red Colors for Your Chick,
Black Colors for Your Hair,
Blue Colors for Your Eyes,
Yellow Colors for Your Hand,
Pink Colors for Your Dreams,
White Colors for Your Life,
Green Colors for Your Life.
With this Seven Colors of Holi I Wish You and Your Full Family Colorful Holi 2014.

Holi SMS in Hindi:


Khushiyo Ki Mahak,
Rango Ki Bahar,
Holi Ka Tyohar Aane Ko Taiyar
Thodi Si Masti Thoda Sa Pyaar
Rango Se Bhara Rahe Aapka Sansar.


Tum Mano Ya Na Mano Hamko Hai Pyar
Hum Pyar Ka in Shabdo Mai Karte Hai Izhar
“Makki Ki Roti, Nimbu Ka Aachar,
Suraj Ki Kirane, Khushiyo Ki Bahar,
Chand Ki Chandni, Apno Ka Pyar,
Mubarak Ho Aapko Holi Ka Tyohar.

Wishing You Happy Holi 2014


Fulo Ne Khilna Chhod Diya,
Taro Ne Chamakna Chhod Diya,
Holi Me Baki Hai Abhi Kuchh Din,
Phir Aapne Abhise Nahana Kyu Chood Diya.


Khuda Kare Har Sal Chand Ban Ke Aaye
Din Ka Ujala Shan Ban Ke Aaye
Kabhi Door Na Ho Aapke Chahere Se Hansi
Ye Holi Ka Tyohar Aesa Maheman Ban Ke Aaye.

Happy Holi Songs 2014:

Many Holi Songs Use in Bollywood Like Rang Barse…, Holi Khele Raghubeera..awadh Mai Holi Khele Raghubeera From Baghbaan Movie.
Other Countries People Comes to India for Celebrate Colorful Festival and visiting Special Holi Melas.  I put Some Best Holi Songs Download and Enjoy Happy Holi 2014.

1.  Aaj Na Chhoddenge: Click Here

2. Holiya Main Ude Gulal: Click Here

3. Rang Barse: Click Here

4. Balam Pichkari: Click Here

5. Holi Ke Din Sholay Mashup: Click Here

Happy Holi Video For whatsapp:

1. Holi Mashup 2014: Click Here

2. Holi Funny Rajnikant Video: Click Here

3. Festival Barsil 2014: Click Here

4. Best Holi Wishes Video: Click Here 

Happy Holi Wallpaper 2014:

Happy Holi wallpaper 2014


Happy Holi 2014 funny wallpaper

Downloadhappy holi 2014 images


Happy Holi greetings card 2014


Happy Holi 2014


happy holi scraps


Holi Photo 2014


Holi sms wallpaper 2014


happy holi 2014 facebook timeline cover photo


My best wishes for you and your family. God make your life colorful. You can get enjoyment of every color. This Happy Holi 2014 Let us Unit and Paint the heart with colors of Happiness. Festival are founders of life No Life without Festival and No Festival without Friends. So Many Many Happy Holi to All My Friends…

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