Ghare Shikhiye Book Solution For STD 1 to 8 (Activity)

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Ghare Shikhiye Book Solution For STD 1 to 8 (Activity)

Ghare Shikhiye Book Solution For STD 1 to 8: The Gujarat Primary Education Department has started a home learning program for children to study at home. Under this, the children have been given a book called Learn at Home. In which activity is given according to subject and unit in standard 1 to 8. An explanation of the learning activity at home will be given here. Which is only for the understanding of children and parents. The children will have to write the answers to the questions given in the book according to their understanding.

Watch Home Learning Video: Click Here

Home Learning

Ghare Shikhiye STD 1

Ghare Shikhiye STD 2

  • Activity-1: Bandh Ankhe Vastu Olakhvi: From Here
  • Activity-2: Postcard Par Pustak Rakha: From Here
  • Activity-3: Kagal na Rollmanthi Zad banavvu: From Here
  • Activity-4: Paper Cup Minaro: From Here
  • Activity-5: Sinh ane Undarni varta: From Here
  • Activity-6: be be juthma ganatari: From Here
  • Activity-7: Daba page kudka, jamna pahe kudka: From Here
  • Activity-8: Tapka jodi chitra banavvau: From Here
  • Activity-9: 31 thi 34 sudhi: From Here

Ghare Shikhiye STD 3

Ghare Shikhiye STD 4

Ghare Shikhiye STD 5

Ghare Shikhiye STD 6

Ghare Shikhiye STD 7

Ghare Shikhiye STD 8

नोंध: अहिया मुकवामा आवेल वीडियो मात्र समज पुरता छे. बालको ऐ पोतानी जाते जवाब लखवाना रहेशे.

जुलाई मासना वीडियो पण अही ज मुकवामा आवशे.

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