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Happy Holi 2017: Happy Holi to all. Holi Festival is Color Full Festival. Holi also known as “ Holika Dahan”. After Holi Day, the second day is Dhuleti. Holi is the first major Hindu Festival of the year. Holi Festival Comes on the Sunday, 12th March 2017, and Dhuleti Festival Comes on the Monday, 13th March 2017.


History of Legends Holi:

The very famous legend of Holi is of Holika and Prahlad. It’s believed that there was a demon king named Hiranyakashyap who won over the kingdom of earth and commanded everybody in his kingdom to worship him. But his son, Prahlad, who was a passionate devotee of Lord Naarayana refused to worship his father.

Hiranyakashyap tried several ways to kill Prahlad but Lord Vishnu saved his life every time. Finally, he asked his sister, Holika to enter a burning fire with Prahlad in her lap. Legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her evil desire with her life and Prahlad, who kept chanting the name of Lord Naarayana in the fire, came out unharmed. Therefore Holi is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil and as the triumph of a devotee. Holika deceitfully persuaded young Prahlad to sit in her lap in the fire where she herself was burnt in the blistering heat as she was not aware that the boon worked only when she entered the fire alone.

Happy Holi 2017

Even that day in several north Indian states, effigies of Holika are burnt in huge bonfires. People take a little fire from the bonfire to their homes as they believe that the pure fire will help to free their bodies from disease. Thus, Holi Festival celebrates like that.

Holi Images, Photos, Pictures, wallpaper:

Holi Messages, SMS, Quots:

Hindi Shyari, SMS for Holi

  •  प्यार के रंगों से भरो पिचकारी,
    स्नेह के रंगों से रंग दो दुनिया सारी
    ये रंग न जाने न कोई जात न बोली,
    सबको हो मुबारक ये हैप्पी होली!


  •  राधा का रंग और कान्हा की पिचकारी ,
    प्यार के रंग से रंग दो दुनिया सारी ,
    ये रंग न जाने कोई जात न कोई बोली
    मुबारक हो आपको
    रंग भरी होली !!


  • Sher kabhi chupkar shikar nahi karte,
    buzdil kabhi khulkar waar nahi karte,aur hum wo hain jo “HAPPY-Holi” kehne ke liye,
    12 tareekh ka intzar nahi karte!
    Happy Holi in advance.


  • Pichkari ki Dhar,
    Gulal ki bauchar,
    Apno ka pyar,
    Yahi hai yaaron holi ka tyohar.
    Happy Holi!!!!


  • Khaa key gujiya, pee key bhaang,
    laaga ke thoda thoda sa rang,
    baja ke dholak aur mridang,
    khele holi hum tere sang.
    Holi Mubarak!

English SMS, Messages for Holi

  • May god gift u all the colors of life,
    Colors of joy, colors of happiness,
    Colors of friendship, colors of love n
    All other colors u wants to paint in ur life.
    Happy Holy


  • Here I send you Rainbow message…
    Dipped Colors of Joy and happiness,
    Those will make your life even more colourful..
    Happy Holi!!


  • Be ready, you cannot skip being colored by me this time.
    Don’t just lock yourself up on the day and Holi hard.
    It comes once in a year and makes the most of it.
    So please, play with me.
    I wish you my hearty best wishes for the festival


  • A touch of green I send to u. A drop of blue to cool the hue.
    A tinge of red for warmth & zest for a colorful HOLI!
    Happy n Colorful HOLI


  • A true & caring relation is with colours in eyes
    Whispers in ears, & trust in breaths
    Enjoy the festival of Holi with lots of fun, with blessings & love.

Holi Video Song, Hindi Movie Video Song

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