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Electrical Engineering exam review GATE 2017

Electrical Engineering exam review GATE 2017: on February 11, 2017 The GATE 2017 EE Exam for the first session (forenoon) concluded at 12 noon. GATE 2017 paper analysis for EE provided by The GATE Academy is given on this page. Candidates can check the percentage of questions asked from each topic, the weightage given to the topics and more. This review is for all Most students be looking for an expert analysis. That allows them to have an idea of what the difficulty levels of the paper was like, topics that were touched upon in the GATE EE question paper and the overall comparison with previous years. GATE 2017 EE paper was conducted in two sessions on February 11, 2017 on account of the large number of applicants for the discipline.

Paper Analysis for EE Session-I by The Gate Academy

Most of the questions were concept based and direct in nature. Electrical Engineering exam review GATE 2017 Weightage given to Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Power systems was more. General Aptitude was medium in comparison. Tough Topics were Engineering Mathematics, Signals & Systems, Control Systems, Power Electronics and Power systems.

Electrical Engineering exam review GATE 2017

Electrical Engineering exam review                 GATE 2017

Questions asked from each section of GATE 2017

Subject Topics Topics – Questions were asked from


Newton Raphson, Probability, Calculus,

Matrix, differentially equation, Laplace


Network Theory Transient Analysis, Steady State Analysis, Two Port Networks, Basics of networks
Signals & Systems Sampling, Filter, System analysis, Linear Time Invariant(LTI) Systems
Control Systems Basics of Control System , Nyquist plot, Root locus, Bode-plot, Stability & Routh Hurwitz Criterion
Analog Circuits FET amplifier, BJT Amplifier, Op-amp, Diode Circuits-Analysis and Application, Transistors
Digital Circuits Logic Gates, Counters, Excitation machine, Kmap, Boolean Algebra
Measurement Power Factor Measurement, Energy Meter
Power Electronics Basics of Power Semiconductor Devices, Input power factor, Chopper, Convertor, Inverters


Electromagnetic Field
Electrical Machines DC Machine, Transformer Losses, Induction Machine, Synchronous Machine, Special Machines
Power Systems Transmission Line, Economics of Power Generation, Fault analysis, Power Factor
General Aptitude Distance time, Probability, Permutation and Combination

EE Topics asked Percentage wise for Session-I

S.No Topics % wise weightage
 1. Analog Circuits 8%
 2. Control Systems 8%
 3. Digital Circuits 7%
 4. Engineering Mathematics 10%
 5. General Aptitude 15%
 6. Measurement 4%
 7. Network Theory 8%
 8. Power Electronics 10%
 9. Signals & Systems 6%
 10. Electromagnetic Theory 2%
 11. Electrical Machines 12%
 12. Power Systems 10%

All aspirants can download the official Electrical Engineering exam review GATE 2017  on February 27 after IIT announces the same. In case of any objections, they can challenge the same from March 3 to 6, 2017.

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