Arvind Kejriwal Common Man To Delhi CM Journey

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Arvind Kejriwal Common Man To Delhi CM Journey

Arvind Kejriwal is New Dilhi 7th Chief Minister Since 28/12/2013. How to Cut Journey to Common Man to CM. Know More About His Life. Standing on a Railway station and Auto Station in The Common man Today is Known as Kejriwal. He Creat Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) For Ordinary Peoples.

Arvind Kejriwal Life Details:

Full Name: Arvind Kejriwal
Birth Date: 16/08/1968
Place Of Birth: Hisar Hariyana India.
Wife Name: Sunita Kejriwal
Education: Higher Secondary Studies in Hisar, Mechanical Engineer From Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.
Work: From 1989 to 1992 Worked in Tata Steel After He Appointed Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax in Delhi. In 2006 He was Resigning From a Job. He Join Anna Hazare Against Corruption. On 26 November 2012 Establishing a Common Man Party ‘AAP’. Written Swaraj Name Book. on 28 December 2013 Arvind Kejriwal 7th Chief Minister of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal Common Man To Delhi CM Journey

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Many of the subjects are shown in earlier dreams of hope that it is all completed. Peace and security to the people of Delhi. He got a congratulations for becoming the youngest age CM of Delhi.

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