Gunotsav 6 (2016) All Important Document PDF in one Post

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Gunotsav 6 (2016) All Important Document PDF in one Post

As a part of the Government of Gujarat’s initiative to ensure quality education of students in Government schools and to increase awareness for quality in the education community, the government carries out ‘Gunotsav’ a quality improvement programme in which students are assessed every year since 2009.

Gunotsav 2016 : Date 7,8,9 January 2016

Breaking Updates: Gunotsav 6 Result 2016 Available Now Here

New Most Useful – Gunotsav 6 Mulyankan Model Paper & Format Download (PDF & Excel File)

डाउनलोड गुणोत्सव प्रश्नपेपर (वाचन,लेखन,गणन स्व-मूल्यांकन)New

Also Check : Gunotsav 2016 School Profile (PDF & Word File)

Download Gunotsav-6 Paper date for Your School & Download Presentation & Video

गुणोत्सव -6 अंतर्गत अमलीकरण बाबत तमाम परिपत्र :
1. Gunotsav Important instructions Latest Paripatr 28-12-2015
2. Gunotsav Aayojan Ange Latest Paripatra Date 22-12-2015

गुणोत्सव -6 अंतर्गत बाह्य मूल्यांकनकारे भरवानु A to Z रिपोर्ट फोमॅ : Download Here

Gunotsav-6 Mulyankan Malkhu : Download Here

Gunotsav-6 BISAG Program IMP Topic : Download Here

Gunotsav 2016 Time Table Ruprekha & Mulyankan (BISAG)

Gunotsav 2016 Model Paper

Gunotsav 2016 Check List, Most Useful for Gunotsav Paper

शाला गुणोत्सव 2016 अंतर्गत पदाघीकारीयो ने फालवेल जिल्ला तेमज तालुका नी विगत : Download Here

वांचन, गणन, लेखन मूल्यांकन शिट : Download Here

Gunotsav 6 Frame Work:

✔ Std 2 Frame work—1-to-5-pragna/STD-%202_opt.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

✔ Std 3 frame work—1-to-5-pragna/STD-3_opt.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

✔ Std 4 Frame work—1-to-5-pragna/STD%20-4_opt.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

✔ Std 5 Frame work—1-to-5-pragna/STD-5_opt.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

Gunotsav 6

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