Pragna Talim Time Table

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Block Kakshani Pragna Talim Time Table

Gujarat Primary Education STD 1 to 4  Ma Pragna Abhigam Dhvara Sikshan Apay Chhe. Nava Satra Mate Block Kaksha Ni Pragna Talim Nu Aayogan Karvama Aavel Chhe.

Pragna Talim Date: 28/10/2013 to 29/10/2013

Pragna Talim Time: 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

Pragna Talim Time Table

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Pragna Talim Time Table

Gujarat Primary Teacher Second Semester 2013/2014 Block Kaksha Pragna Talim Nu Aayojan Karvama Aavel chhe. Pragna Talim Time Table Mujab Pragna Talim No Samay 11.00 am to 5.00 Rakhva Ma Aavelo Chhe. Gujarat Ni Primary School Ma Sharuat Ma Thodi School Ma Prayogik Dhorane Pragna Abhigam Amal Ma Mukayo Tyar Bad Dhime Dhime Mota Bhag Ni School Ma STD 1 to 4 Ma Pragna Abhigam Dhvara Sikshan Aapvama Aave Rahyu chhe. Pragna Abhigam Ma Students Ne Bhar Vagar Nu Bhanatar Aapva Ma Aave Chhe. Pravruti Sathe Shikshan Ae Pragna Abhigam No Mukhy Dhyey Chhe.

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